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Fitness Isn't "Fitness"


Almost everyone under the sun wants to "get healthier" but the optimum strategy for improving my health goals may differ from yours. That's why the team at Back to Nature Fitness have been working on three distinct courses to cater to some of the most popular fitness targets. Regardless of whether you are looking to lose weight, gain muscles or eat healthier, we have an expertly crafted course for you.

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Back to Nature Courses


Do you want to stick to a healthy modern diet without all the hard work of calorie counting and meal planning on weeknights?


If so the Healthy Lifestyle course is perfect for you  and will  empower you to make sustainable and manageable change.


Mastering weight-Loss and Fitness

We all know one of those types of people who never diets, eats what they want when they want and maintains an amazing figure almost effortlessly, it's not  just magic. 

Billions of dollars and decades of hardcore research by health scientists, biochemists, athletes and global super-corporations has gone into understanding these secrets... 


Peak Performance

To put it simply, this course is the literal embodiment of the phrase "work smarter not harder" as you know some people can spend hundreds upon hundreds of hours in the gym and never see any real results. If you don't know what you're doing the chances are, you will fall for these mistakes. Unless you can realise some of these expert tips.

Back to Nature

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The Back to Nature Lifestyle Course


This is more than healthy living, we aim to bring you a full Lifestyle plan set for success and longevity. Once you have your health and diet nailed and your body and brain start to work in harmony, which is an attribute commonly seen in the 1%. All systems will be running at full power causing your whole lifestyle to get kicked into Hyper-Drive; Creativity, Energy levels and Motivation go through the roof.

Once you've become a member of the Program just sit back and relax while your new virtual amigo, Dojo, pairs you with exclusive information to streamline your diet, health and body. You can look forward to discovering an array of fresh information from biological hacks that will allow you to work smarter not just harder, all the way to pre-made diet plans with customisable recipes and more! We are now proud to announce that we have partnered with hundreds of experienced companies to bring our members an incredible selection of discounts on healthy lifestyle assets.


This course is packed to the brim with essential  Lifestyle tips designed to take the stress and boredom away from dieting and calorie-counting while additionally providing you with enough time to become that creative and motivated version of yourself and on track to becoming a member of the 1%.

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Mastering weight Loss and Fitness


Attaining that slim and fit physique doesn't have to be a struggle, every cell in your body runs on a neat set of instructions hardwired into our DNA, these can be responsible for controlling subconscious parts of our lives from metabolic rate to hunger levels and even sleep cycles. Once you know a handful of essential biochemical principles designed to trick the underlying biochemistry of your body into working for you you'll be rewarded with a physique you've been dreaming of.


Members of the Mastering Weight Loss and Fitness Program will be paired up with the most relevant and exclusive information by your new virtual amigo, Dojo. Our Dojo training system will personally deliver a variety of coveted information from success-focused fitness plans to amazing bio-hacks designed to get you back in control of your body. Back to nature fitness is proud to announce that we now partner with a variety of fitness and weight-loss companies outside of the Back to Nature ecosystem to bring our members select access and great discounts. 

This course is packed with essential Weight Loss and Fitness tips designed to take the stress and struggle away from your workouts and diet meal plans. If you ever feel like you meeting your workout targets or following a diet plan but you still never see the results you looking for this program is designed for YOU.



The Peak Performance Program


Working at your Peak and maintaining that level of effortless flow is the key to seeing big gains over a short period of time, and at the top just having a productive workout isn't going to cut it. When you working at 90% of your peak, optimising the last 10% of your performance is unanimously agreed upon as the hardest part, however, it's the difference between an average day and setting your new personal best record. 

Dojo will be your new virtual amigo and will streamline your experience of achieving your Peak performance and flow state giving you the chance to relax while Dojo provides a selection of discounts and offers from hundreds of recognised fitness brands you may already be using, thanks to our ongoing collaboration effort. Whether your trying to begin your journey on the right foot and are trying to achieve mastery as soon as possible or think you've already reached your top, Dojo will be able to provide you with essential strategies to smash your goals, set new once and progress even further.

The motivation and drive to keep setting personal bests comes from the elusive last 10%, once you reach the flow state working at your peak performance will become the new normal and boosted Energy levels and Motivation are just an added bonus.

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